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It is almost 5 years when we came into this business. Started as a little IT-service for internal optimization of a few business processes we grew into a full-scale IT-firm that shaped a new digital landscape in the market around the world.

We managed to create a number of mutual beneficial collaborations with such businesses as AC Nielsen or TNS and many others.
Our Journey
Scrapping Reports for
The 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Russia
Moscow office of The 20th Century Fox faced a challenge of reports' consolidation from digital distribution platforms. Stars aligned and they asked us to solve this problem which seemed insignificant and extremely local
Finding Pain
Apparently the problem was to gather all the distributional and content consumption data from digital distribution platforms and to consolidate it for further analysis and research. Once we understood it we started developing our platform and doing pre-sales for other major rightholders in the Russian and CIS markets
Product Market Scaling
Now the Russian market is completely different: rightholders know what they want and they have a powerful tool to get and work with that. We also know what we want and this is why are moving to foreign markets.
International Acceleration & Expansion
We successfully won a start-up competition by 500Startup x Sberbank and went to the Valley to make first acquaintances and presentations. We went back with a ton of insights and a brand new product vision.
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